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These are titles the player can earn and display:

Title Rarity Condition
Fighters Guild Associate Standard Complete 3 Fighters Guild Quests
Fighters Guild Guardian Standard Complete 30 Fighters Guild Quests
Fighters Guild Protector Standard Complete 10 Fighters Guild Quests
Fighters Guild Master Rare Complete 60 Fighters Guild Quests
Mages Guild Associate Standard Complete 3 Mages Guild Quests
Mages Guild Evoker Standard Complete 10 Mages Guild Quests
Mages Guild Master Wizard Standard Complete 30 Mages Guild Quests
Mages Guild Archmage Rare Complete 60 Mages Guild Quests
The Alchemist Rare Complete The Skirmisher, The Deflector, The Defender, The Light Footed, and The Vigorous
The Assassin Standard Use Lethal creatures to kill 200 creatures
The Black Marsh Leader Standard Summon 300 Argonians
The Blademaster Standard Equip 200 items
The Blood Magic Lord Rare Play 50 Blood Magic Spells
The Captain Rare Summon 100 Guards
The Champion of the Arena Standard Complete 1 Versus Arena event with no losses
The Clain Chieftain Standard Summon 300 Orcs
The Clever Standard Defeat your opponent in six turns or less
The Clonemaster Rare Summon 20 Daughters of Fyr
The Conqueror Standard Win 500 Games
The Creator Rare Complete Clonemaster, Master of Assassins, and Blood Magic Lord
The Cunning Standard Win 100 games with an Intelligence deck
The Daedric Master Rare Complete The Supreme Atromancer, The Ironmonger, and The Master of Flesh
The Dawnbreaker Rare Destroy 50 Undead with Dawnbreaker's ability
The Deadly Standard Kill 1000 creatures
The Defender Rare Give 50 creatures Guard with Elixir of the Defender
The Defiant Standard Win a game at 1 health.
The Deflector Rare Give 50 Wards with Elixir of Deflection
The Destructive Standard Deal 10,000 damage
The Dragonslayer Standard Kill 50 Dragons
The Earth Bone Rare Participate in the beta
The Fisherman Standard Kill 10 Slaughterfish
The Founder Rare Early supporter of the game (bought the Founder Pack)
The Forger Rare Equip 30 items with Wrothgar Forge
The Forgotten Hero Standard Starting title.
The General Standard Have 8 Imperial Grunts in play at the same time
The Golden Rare Deal 8 damage with a Goldbrand activation
The Grand Sapiarch Standard Summon 300 High Elves
The Gravedigger Rare Have 50 or more creatures in your discard pile in a game
The Great Mane Standard Summon 300 Khajiit
The Healer Standard Gain 500 health
The High King Standard Summon 300 Bretons
The Hist Mage Standard Reach 15 max magicka in a game
The House Leader Standard Summon 300 Dark Elves
The Immortal Rare Have 100 or more health at some point in a game
The Imperial Captain Standard Summon 300 Imperials
The Ironmonger Rare Deal 120 damage with Iron Atronach
The Keeper of the Green Pact Standard Summon 300 Wood Elves
The King of Orsinium Rare Summon 30 Orcs with Gurtwog gro-Nagorm
The Light Footed Rare Give 50 creatures cover with Elixir of Light Feet
The Lone Warrior Standard Win a game dealing damage with one creature
The Mad Rare Complete The Forger, the Walker of Mundus, and The King of Orsinium
The Master of Assassins Rare Summon 30 Brotherhood Assassins
The Master of Flesh Rare Summon a 20 or more power Flesh Atronach
The Master of Mirrors Standard Get three copies of a unique creature in play
The Master of Prowess Standard Complete 5 Solo Arena events with no losses
The Master of the Arena Standard Complete 5 Versus Arena events with no losses
The Master Wizard Standard Play 500 Actions
The Mastermind Rare Trigger 50 Last Gasps with Necrom Mastermind
The Miraculous Rare Win a game at negative health
The Mighty Standard Win 100 games with a Strength deck
The Monster Hunter Standard Kill 150 Undead and Daedra
The Necromancer Standard Bring 30 creatures back from the dead
The Nimble Standard Win 100 games with an Agility deck
The Pickpocket Standard Pilfer 100 times
The Resolute Standard Win 100 games with a Willpower deck
The Resplendent Standard Win a game with an all premium deck
The Rihad Warrior Standard Summon 300 Redguards
The Runebreaker Standard Destroy 1000 Runes
The Savior of Cyrodiil Standard Complete Chapter 20
The Seer Standard Play 100 Prophecies
The Skirmisher Rare Deal 30 player damage with creatures buffed by Skirmisher's Elixir
The Smuggler Standard Complete Chapter 8.
The Stalwart Standard Win 100 games with an Endurance deck
The Supreme Atromancer Rare Summon 40 Atronachs
The Tactician Standard Move 30 creatures
The Thief of Dreams Rare Use Orb of Vaermina 10 times to get a card that costs 8 or more
The Tormentor Standard Shackle 100 enemy creatures
The Treasure Hunter Rare Complete The Golden, The Thief of Dreams, and The Dawnbreaker
The Triumphant Jarl Standard Summon 300 Nords
The Untouchable Standard Win a game without taking damage.
The Unvanquished Rare Win 1000 games
The Victorious Standard Win 100 games
The Vigorous Rare Give 100 points of health with Elixir of Vigor
The Walker of Mundus Rare Give 50 keywords with Mundus Stone
Thieves Guild Bandit Standard Complete 10 Thieves Guild Quests
Thieves Guild Master Rare Complete 60 Thieves Guild Quests
Thieves Guild Pickpocket Standard Complete 3 Thieves Guild Quests
Thieves Guild Shadowfoot Standard Complete 30 Thieves Guild Quests