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Game terms[edit | edit source]

Agility outmaneuvers its foes with nimbleness and speed.
Endurance overwhelms the enemy with sheer size and staying power.
Intelligence relies on trickery and magic to defeat its foes.
Strength overpowers its enemies with brute force.
Willpower runs over its foes with strength of numbers.
Neutral cards can be played in any deck.
When a creature with Breakthrough attacks and destroys an enemy creature, it deals any excess damage to the enemy player.
Most creatures must wait a turn before they can attack. Creatures with Charge can attack the turn they are played.
When a card with Drain deals damage on your turn, you also gain that much health.
Creatures with Guard must be attacked and destroyed before a player can attack the opponent.
Last Gasp
When a card with Last Gasp is destroyed, a bonus effect is triggered.
Creatures with Lethal destroy any creature they damage through combat or other abilities.
When a creature with Pilfer deals damage to the enemy player, a bonus effect is triggered.
When a card with Prophecy is drawn from losing a rune, it can be played for free.
A creature with Regenerate fully heals at the start of your turn.
The first time a creature with Ward takes damage, prevent it.
Supports with Activate abilities can be used once per turn.
A creature with Cover can't be attacked for one turn.
Items can be equipped to creatures. This gives the wielder additional stats and sometimes abilities.
When a creature is healed, restore it to full health.
Some cards reference special types of abilities called keywords. These include Breakthrough, Charge, Drain, Guard, Lethal, Regenerate, and Ward.
Players start with five runes. Each time a player takes five damage, a rune is destroyed and that player draws a card. When a player draws a card with Prophecy from this rune loss, it may be played for free.
A Shackled creature misses its next attack.
Silence a creature destroys all items on it and removes all abilities and stat modifications.
Creatures and Supports with Summon abilities play a bonus effect when they are played.
Any card that drags an arrow to a particular card to play its effect is targeting that card.
Transforming a creature replaces it with a new one and plays it Summon abilities.
A Wounded creature is one that has been damaged or had its health lowered by a debuff.

Card anatomy[edit | edit source]

Card anatomy
  1. Cost: This indicates how much magicka you need to summon this card.
  2. Unique Gem: Your deck can only play one copy of a card that has a unique gem.
  3. Name: The name of the card.
  4. Card Type/Creature Type: The card types in The Elder Scrolls: Legends are Action, Creature, Item, and Support. Creatures have individual types of their own, such as Wood Elf, Orc, and Daedra.
  5. Power: Creatures have power. This number indicates the amount of damage this creature will deal in combat.
  6. Health: Creatures have health. This number indicates the amount of damage this creature can take before it is destroyed.
  7. Text Box: For Actions, this indicates the effects that will happen when the card is played. For Creatures, Items, and Supports, it also tells you about any ongoing abilities the card has.
  8. Rarity: This symbol tells you the rarity of the card. The four rarities are Common, Rare, Epic, Legendary.

Lanes[edit | edit source]

Field Lane
The left lane is normally the Field Lane. Creatures summoned here are immediately vulnerable to enemy attacks.
Shadow Lane
The right lane is normally the Shadow lane. Creatures summoned here receive Cover, which prevents enemy creatures from attacking them for one turn.
Special Lanes
You can also play with many special lanes in The Elder Scrolls: Legends. Play Solo Arena or Story mode to try them.

Card creation[edit | edit source]

Soul Sight
Use this to see cards in your Collection that you don't own yet. Select a card you have 0 copies of to open Card Info and see how you can Soul Summon a copy.
Soul Trap
Select an owned card in your Collection to open Card Info, where you can Soul Trap that card and turn it into Soul Gems.
Soul Summon
Spend your Soul Gems to Soul Summon new cards. Create more copies of cards you own or add cards you have 0 copies of to your Collection.
Extra Cards
Decks are limited to three copies of each card (or one of each Unique). Click this icon in your Collection to Soul Trap your extra cards into Soul Gems.
Premium Mode
Premium Cards are alternate versions that have special image treatments. When Premium Mode is selected in your Collection, they appear in a separate stack, after any regular copies of the same card.