Dual-attribute cards

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These are the available dual-attribute cards in the game:

Name   Type             Text Box
Sentinel Battlemace    Item      4   Ward +4/+0
Merric-at-Aswala    Redguard      7  2  2   Summon: Equip all friendly creatures in this lane with a random item.
Rift Thane    Nord      2  2  2   Summon: If you have less health than your opponent, +0/+2 and Guard. Otherwise, +2/+0 and Breakthrough.
Tyr    Nord      4  5  4   Prophecy, Breakthrough, Guard
Allena Benoch    Wood Elf      6  1  1   Lethal Summon: Deal 1 damage to an enemy creature.
Falinesti Reaver    Wood Elf      8  5  5   Summon: Destroy all wounded enemy creatures in this lane.
Militant Chieftain    Orc      5  3  3   Summon: Draw a random Orc from your discard pile. Other friendly Orcs have +1/+1.
Gortwog gro-Nagorm    Orc      6  4  6   At the start of your turn, summon a random creature from your deck to a random lane.
Ayrenn    High Elf      5  5  5   Summon: Draw a random action from your discard pile. Your actions cost 1 less.
Skywatch Vindicator    High Elf      6  4  4   Summon: Deal 2 damage to an enemy creature or give a friendly creature +2/+2.
Queen Barenziah    Dark Elf      4  6  3   Drain Summon: Give all other friendly creatures in this lane Guard.
Sadras Agent    Dark Elf      4  4  2   Guard Last Gasp: Summon a 2/1 Mournhold Guardian with Guard.
Shornhelm Champion    Breton      5  3  3   Breakthrough, Ward After Shronhelm Champion loses a Ward, he gains +3/+3.
High King Emeric    Breton      6  5  5   Ward Summon: Deal 2 damage for each Ward your creatures have.
Master of Thieves    Khajiit      4  3  5   Friendly creatures with Pilfer can attack an additional time each turn.
Ahnassi    Khajiit      5  5  5   Summon: Ahnassi steals all keywords from enemy creatures.
Edict of Azura    Action      4   Destroy an enemy creature or support card.
General Tullius    Imperial      6  2  2   Summon: Summon a 2/2 Colovian Trooper with Guard in each lane. When a friendly creature is destroyed, General Tullius gains +1/+1.
Thorn Histmage    Argonian      5  2  5   Guard Summon: Gain +1 max magicka. When your magicka increases, Thorn Histmage gains +1/+0.
Red Bramman    Argonian      9  5  5   Summon: Silence and Shackle all enemy creatures in this lane.